FEADFront End Accessory Drive
FEADFront Engine Accessory Drive (automotive)
FEADFaculty Evaluation and Development (various schools)
FEADFacility Engineering Acquisition Division
FEADFédération Européenne des Activités du Déchet (French: European Federation of Waste Management)
FEADFilm Exchange on Alcohol and Drugs (UK)
FEADField Engineering & Architecture Department (Navy)
FEADFast Electronic Application Distribution (Netopsystems)
FEADFixed Encoder, Adaptive Decoder
FEADFacility Engineering & Acquisition Division (Navy)
FEADFédération Européenne des Activités de la Dépollution et de l’Environnement (Belgium)
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This new technology provides a cleaner, faster and more flexible way to test powertrains and FEADs.
Response times are a function of engine speed because the coolant pump is driven via the crankshaft through the FEAD.
As this decomposition is not general like the GEAD, it can be termed the "Fisher exactly additive decomposition," or FEAD.
In Bulgaria, FEAD will finance the distribution of individual food packages and warm meals from soup kitchens, as well as accompanying social services.
A presente pesquisa foi apresentada ao Comite de Etica e Pesquisa (CEP) da Faculdade FEAD para avaliacao de sua viabilidade e aprovada sob protocolo 166.
The compromise also provides for the inclusion and consultation of key participants, such as food banks and voluntary organisations, in the design, operation and follow-up of national implementation programmes for FEAD.
Revista de Administracao FEAD, 1(1), 129-144), reconheceu a singularidade da estrategia canadense.
The isolator is tuned and designed to control the FEAD vibration created from the ancillary system on the engine.
Launched in January this year, FEAD aims to help EU member states to support their 'most deprived persons' with the provision of either basic goods or food or even encourage actions of social integration according to their own situation and preferences.
A gravacao do GC foi realizada no laboratorio de fonetica e fonologia da UFMG enquanto o GE foi gravado na clinica integrada de saude FEAD, em ambiente silencioso.