FEAFFair Economy Action Fund (Boston, MA)
FEAFFirst European Asian Finance Bank
FEAFFree Enterprise Action Fund
FEAFFederal Enterprise Architecture Framework
FEAFFar East Air Forces
FEAFFree Erusea Air Force (gaming, Ace Combat 4)
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40) In late 1952, FEAF gave the group three C-47s, assigning them to the 6053rd Radio Flight Mobile at Yokota Air Base (AB), Japan.
Actually, by filing a resolution asking for a report about GE's policies, FEAF has adopted a mainstream approach acceptable to a lot of institutional investors--and one that has a lot of logic, says Voorhes at ISS.
SENSINT missions were conducted in one of two variants--either USAFE or FEAF theater assets flying shorter length missions into the border areas of the Warsaw Pact, China, and the Soviet Union or SAC-conducted longer range strategic reconnaissance missions over the Soviet Union to support its war planning requirements.
The shortage was so acute that FEAF had to draft flying officers to perform intelligence functions.
Enemy repairs, night movement, and MiG-15 jet fighter attacks foiled FEAF efforts to close transportation routes.
com/) and Deneen Moore, an individual investor in the FEAF, pressed JPM's chairman to justify the company's lobbying priorities.
The MEGA Suite supports DoDAF, FEAF, TOGAF, NAF, and BPMN.
Meanwhile to continue supporting the NKPA, as its tanks and infantry pushed across the Han River south of Seoul, driving towards Suwon, the NKPAF's 55th Combined Aviation Division deployed seven short-ranged Yak-9P fighters and a similar number of Il-10 assault aircraft to the just-captured Kimpo AB, dispersing and camouflaging them to try and prevent discovery and destruction by FEAF bombers.
In addition to TOGAF, ABACUS also supports a wide range of other frameworks and notations out-of-the-box, including; ArchiMate, DoDAF/MoDAF, FEAF, PEAF, BPMN and UML.
There were three air forces assigned to the FEAF (Fifth in Japan; Twentieth on Okinawa; and Thirteenth in the Philippines).