FEALACForum for East Asia-Latin America Cooperation
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Simon Tay es presidente del Instituto de Asuntos Internacionales de Singapur, Se desempeno como representante de su pais en un Grupo de Monitoreo de FEALAC y fue editor general del informe final presentado a los ministros en su reunion, celebra da en Indonesia.
Singapore has for the past few years initiated a Journalist Visit Program under FEALAC, whereby journalist from Latin America visit Singapore so that they can better understand the developments in our part of the world.
The East Asian participants of FEALAC are Australia, Brunei, Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, New Zealand, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.
But since governments participating in FEALAC agree the forum should be a loose and informal venue for dialogue and cooperation, there have been no discussions yet on ways to translate declarations into specific programs.
They will also establish a mechanism to strengthen FEALAC as a venue for inter-regional dialogue.
A draft of this document said there will be efforts to enhance economic, cultural and economic links between the two regions; promote projects in education to empower people; encourage public-business sector partnership; recognize information and communication technology as an engine of development; renew commitment to combat crime and terrorism; address security problem in an integrated manner; and strengthen FEALAC.
Endorsement of the new FEALAC Action Plan which seeks to put together multiple lines of ongoing and future efforts and will continue to be reviewed and updated to reflect the newest developments;
Establishment of a FEALAC Fund to finance the groups flagship and bi-regional projects and activities; and,
Creation of a FEALAC Experts Group Pool and FEALAC mechanisms to provide more tangible outputs to create a momentum for a FEALAC Special Summit and yearly Foreign Ministers Meetings.
The upcoming meeting aims to prepare for the eighth FEALAC Foreign Ministers Meeting, to be held in Busan on August 31.
In the upcoming meeting, high-level officials and other participants from member states will review the progress in preparing for the FEALAC Foreign Ministers Meeting in August, and focus their discussions on an outcome document (Busan Declaration), main deliverables (creation of a FEALAC fund, adoption of the New FEALAC Action Plan, etc.
The FEALAC Coordination Meeting will also be held among delegates from former, current and next Regional Coordinators, including the ROK (five countries), and co-chair countries of four Working Groups.