FEBAFaculty of Economics and Business Administration (various universities)
FEBAFirst Enterprise Business Agency (est. 1989; Nottingham, UK)
FEBAFar East Broadcasting Associates (UK)
FEBAFeatures, Evidence, Benefits, and Agreement (training format)
FEBAForward Edge of the Battle Area
FEBAFar Eastern Broadcasting Association (West Sussex, England, UK)
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FEBA previously called this pot of funding the Young Person's Loan Fund.
The question becomes at what distance from the FEBA is the commander able to register credible effects on the enemy and at what distance is the enemy able to register credible effects on him.
How does one maintain positive control of airborne objects once they pass the FEBA and enter the objective area?
He had also been the sole trustee of FEBA, despite an agreement to have at least four people at the helm.
For the men, particularly for the FEBA president, it was an opportunity to embrace the other sex.
Hesaid:"Thiswasgoingtobeafairlyflying visit to FEBA, but sitting down with Tommy Moffat - who runs the centre- there was so muchtodiscuss.
Teaming with TWR in this World by Radio project are the Society for International Ministries (SIM), FEBA Radio, Far East Broadcasting Company (FEBC), and HCJB World Radio.
According to official British sources there is said to have been a succession of misses due to battlefield stress, especially in the early stages of the conflict; added to which there was criticism of the weight of the Blowpipe, which had to be physically lugged all the way to the FEBA by the troops.
The charity's Tommy Moffat, who also appeared on the phone-in, told listeners: "If it came to it, I would accept money for FEBA from Osama bin Laden, because our Government is not helping.
for operations involving the use of improvised air-strips close to the FEBA, the MAC is currently studying a new type of tactical transport aircraft called ATF.
On the 70th anniversary of World War II, the fascist party are trying to buy favour with Scotland's disillusioned ex-soldiers by offering cash-strapped charity FEBA pounds 50,000 a year.