FECAFederal Employees Compensation Act
FECAFederal Election Campaign Act (USA)
FECAFoundation for Educating Children with Autism (Mount Kisco, NY)
FECAFamily Entertainment and Copyright Act of 2005
FECAFabrication d'Equipements Collectifs Algérienne (French: Equipment Manufacturers Collective Algeria)
FECAFlower Export Council of Australia
FECAFlorida Electric Cooperatives Association, Inc.
FECAFriendship-Edison Collegiate Academy (Washington, DC)
FECAFederation of Ethio-Canadian Associations (Canada)
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Speaking on the programme, the Provost of the FECA, Dr, Samson Odedina said the training was very significant at the time when the country was diversifying from oil sector to boost the economy.
The FECA Samurai Wall Shelf Set transforms an empty wall into a library, art gallery, mini-garden, or just a simple storage facility.
The letter went on to note that a lack of any oversight over FECA payments for compounded drugs has allowed the costs to the program to "skyrocket" from approximately $2.
It ultimately concluded that O'Brien could not apply to the FECA amendments because there is a distinct difference between the expenditure of money and the destruction of a draft card.
36) The FECA laid out regulations for federal political campaigns.
80) Finally, Congress enacted FECA and later BCRA, which directly prohibited any "foreign national, directly or indirectly, [from] mak[ing] a contribution .
Among the elements of FECA challenged in the Buckley case were the
Congress has occasionally placed restrictions on the amount candidates can spend, as it did initially through FECA.
The Court engaged in a more extensive discussion of the interests supporting regulation in connection with the FECA amendments' expenditure restrictions.
finance statutes bear a striking resemblance to the 1974 FECA.