FECCFar End Camera Control
FECCFlorida Energy and Climate Commission (est. 2008)
FECCFinnish Environmental Cluster for China
FECCFires and Effects Coordination Cell
FECCFederal Emergency Communications Coordinator
FECCFederal Electronic Commerce Coalition
FECCForward Error Correction Code
FECCForeign Economic Cooperation Center (Ministry of Agriculture; China)
FECCFederal Electronic Commerce Committee
FECCFully Expensed Company Car
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FECC added that the determination of mandatory prices by the state has long led to the recovery of black and parallel markets, and outlaws from the formal framework are the only ones who benefit from it.
As for major imported grains, a tonne of imported foul medames (fava beans) has now jumped to LE5,000 ($730), LE2,000 ($292) higher than January, Naim Nashed Moawad, a member in the FECC Grain Ddivision, told Al-Ahram.
Handover briefs from the FECC planning cell to the G3 division operations team (both day and night shifts) also occurred, and complete operations schedules for each conference were used to track progress and troubleshoot as necessary.
In a group conferencing setting, the key FECC benefit is that users can adjust the image that they get from the remote site, focus on a particular person or a group of people, and then move to another part of the room.
Its symbol on the Bermuda Stock Exchange has also changed from FECC and FECC BH to BREK and BREK BH.
The Federation of Egyptian Chambers of Commerce (FECC) agreed with the supply authority of the military, along with the government to allow the transportation of products during the curfew, Head of FECC Ahmed El-Wakil said.
Brek Energy Corporation (NASDAQ: FECC, BSX: FECC, FECC BH), a global energy corporation, announced today that its NASDAQ stock trading symbol will change from FECC to BREK effective at the opening of trading on Tuesday, February 19, 2002.
NASDAQ: FECC, BSX: FECC, FECC BH), a company with interests in gas and oil exploitation and electronic payment solutions today announced that its affiliate Gasco Energy Inc.
Speaking in a press conferenceon Monday, head of FECC Ahmed El-Wakil said negotiations are ongoing with participating chambers of commerce and federations of52 Islamic countries, in addition to those in 23 Mediterranean countries.
NASDAQ: FECC, BSX: FECC, FECC BH), a company with interests in gas and oil exploitation and electronic payment solutions today announced the sale of its wholly owned subsidiary and payment processing division for the Americas and Caribbean region, First Ecommerce Data Services Limited (FEDS) to Transworld Payment Solutions N.
FECC gathers environmental operators to build a model so as to accelerate the export of Finnish environmental technology and know-how into China.
NASDAQ: FECC; BSX: FECC, FECC BH) today announced that the engineering firm Netherland, Sewell & Associates, Inc.