FECMFriends of the Eastern California Museum (est. 1985)
FECMFederal Executive Council Meeting (Abuja, Nigeria; Federal Ministry of Information and Communications)
FECMFerret Electronic Countermeasures
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Foreign Service Promotion Statistics for 2013 Number Number Percent Avg Time- Competed Promoted Competed in-Class Promoted of Competed FEMC to FECM CLASSWIDE MANAGEMENT 30 0 0 6.
FEMC to Number Number Percent Avg Avg FECM Competed Promoted Competed Time-in-Class Time-in-Class Promoted of Competed of Promotees CLASSWIDE 32 0 0 6.
GENERALIST FEMC to FECM Percent Avg Time-in- Number Number Competed Class of Competed Promoted Promoted Competed CLASSWIDE MANAGEMENT 25 0 0.