FEDELECFedération Française des Electriciens et Électroniciens (French: French Federation of Electricians and Electronics)
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Richard Gomez, President of the 55,000 member FEDELEC, said he supported the reforms and that his union was working to create a new trade union federation, the CUT, which would link 60 labour groups (ANDES 2014).
CNEE represents over 30,000 companies belonging to four professional organisations: FEDELEC (national federation of independent traders in the electricity and electronics sectors); FNEE (national federation of electrical equipment providers); SERCE (the union of network and electrical construction contractors); and UNA 3E (national craft union of electrical and electronic equipment manufacturers).
FEDELEC Chairman Hichem Loumi gave an overview on the electricity and electronics sector which has today 370 companies, including 230 totally exporting ones, and employs 65,000 persons.