FEDLOGFederal Catalog System
FEDLOGFederal Logistics Record
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FEDLOG alone will not always save you, even if the work center "guarantees" that it is a valid sub.
TXC incorporates existing vendor information from the federal Central Contractor Registration (CCR) and FEDLOG to pre-qualify and pre-register clients.
The prices, which are based on the March 2000 FEDLOG CD-ROM set distributed by the Defense Logistics Agency, are an attempt at quantifying the changes and are not intended to be a complete statistical analysis of the MTOE.
The catalogers used their supply expertise and knowledge of Federal Logistics data, or FEDLOG, and the Federal Logistics Information System to identify the national stock numbers required.
There are plans to link DESEX to FEDLOG, which will enable customers to place requisitions after researching their catalog data.