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FEDSATFederation Satellite One
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FedSat, an Australian research micro-satellite, is being procured by the CRCSS (Cooperative Research Centre on Satellite Systems).
After an intense international competition and careful consideration by the Australian government, the choice of SIL to build the FedSat bus indicates SIL has arrived in terms of being a competitor on a global scale.
Minister Minchin approved the contract for the supply of a satellite platform or bus, together with its ground control system, for the FedSat experimental micro-satellite that will celebrate Australian scientific and technical capability in 2001, the Centenary of Federation.
FedSat will be the first satellite developed in Australia in thirty years, and it will allow a new generation of space engineers, scientists and businesses to acquire experience and to develop new products and services that customers can afford.
This view was echoed by SIL's Marketing Director, Kim Ward, who stressed the importance of the contract award to the company, "We see the FedSat project as a vital next step in SIL's growth.