FEEIFachverband der Elektro-Und Elektronikindustrie (German: Association of the Electrical and Electronics Industry; Austria)
FEEIFondation de l'Ecole d'Education Internationale (French: Foundation of the School of International Education; Canada)
FEEIFree Enterprise Education Institute
FEEIFaculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics
FEEIFederation of Estonian Engineering Industry
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Through this loan, FEEI will provide the resources and skills needed to finance energy-saving initiatives for its clients, mainly Bulgarian municipalities and state-owned companies, at a time when local funding remains scarce.
Formal methods integration based on Petri nets and process algebra transformations, PhD Dissertation, DCI FEEI TU Kosice, 2003.
Cabletron is ISO 9001-certified and develops, manufactures and markets Ehternet, FEEI, Token Ring and ATM networking products based on its Integrated Network Architecture (INA).