FEEMFondazione Eni Enrico Mattei (Italian)
FEEMFaculty of Engineering Economics and Management (Riga Technical University; Latvia)
FEEMFederation of European Explosives Manufacturers
FEEMField Emission Electron Microscope
FEEMFellowship in Extreme Environmental Medicine
FEEMFinite Element Ecological Model
FEEMFocal Encyclopedia of Electronic Media (computer program)
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Para el Partido "La sociedad civil cubana que componen nuestras potentes organizaciones de masas (CTC, CDR, FMC, ANAP, FEU, FEEM e incluso los Pioneros) las sociales como es sabido agrupan entre otros a los combatientes de la Revolucion, a economistas, juristas, periodistas, artistas y escritores, etc.
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In addition, a lack of clarity and consensus around what defines a SWF prompted Monitor and FEEM to formulate a global definition to structure discussion and research.
4) The interest in second-best environmental policy design was widespread at this point and the NBER co-sponsored a conference on environmental policy with FEEM in Italy that Carlo Carraro and I co-organized.
Carlo Carraro from FEEM and I organized that conference.
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