FEFEFederación Empresarial de Farmacéuticos Españoles
FEFEFamily Economics and Financial Education (University of Arizona)
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In addition to the Technology Integration Options lesson plan, FEFE has over 50 active learning tool lesson plans featuring technology instruction and non-technology-based activities.
FEFE also has an abundance of content lesson plans to teach about money management, career development or funding higher education (coming soon).
A hallmark of the FEFE program's success has been ongoing collaboration with educators.
The new FEFE modules open by asking students to imagine themselves in some unexpected situations: that a parent has passed away; that the student has had an accident that prevents her from working full-time; that she has been laid off from a job through no fault of her own; that she is a teen parent struggling to make ends meet while she finishes high school.
FEFE is a program of the Take Charge America Institute for Consumer Financial Education and Research (TCAI) at the University of Arizona, Tucson, whose goal is to improve financial literacy across America, and to help consumers make informed financial choices in today's increasingly complex, connected world.
As the primary founder and sponsor, Take Charge America helped create FEFE in 2001 and has remained committed to the program ever since.
More than creating just another personal finance curriculum, FEFE has built collaborative partnerships with teachers and schools around the country, and those teachers provide an endless stream of creative ideas for new activities, enabling us to improve the program.
These events showcase presentations from national experts in personal finance, as well as demonstrations of FEFE lesson plans by current classroom educators.
FEFE DOBSON took the world by storm when she entered the music world as a 16-year old rock star in 2003.
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