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FEFOFirst Ended First Out
FEFOFirst Ended, First Out
FEFOFail Early, Fail Often (programming)
FEFOFirst Expiry, First Out
FEFOFarm Economics, Facts & Opinion (University of Illinois)
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The SAP-ERP system also has control checks built within, such as FEFO for issuing material to manufacturing, recoding changes in data and audit trails.
As can be expected, the WMS decides (based on user definable rules) that multiple tasks for a single order can be given to more than one picker depending upon product location, quantity, lot number, material handling unit dimensions, FEFO, and other criteria.
Beyond these issues are the normal ones that help justify the WMS purchase: Optimizing carton sizing with available cube to use all space available; Minimizing honeycombing of storage areas; The ability to prioritize putaway locations so that the system looks first at primary areas, then at second, third, and tertiary choices; Management of FEFO/LEFO issues within user defined granularity; Optimizing inventory turns with shortage triggered replenishment or opportunistic cross docking within FEFO granularity; and Merging of the cross docked material to the correct customer order.
IRMS' stock rotation, Lot control and FEFO order allocation ensure accurate fulfillment and elimination of aged stock.
With FEFO, the company can calculate shelf life, which has resulted in a reduction of out-of-date product that previously had to be destroyed.
SNS also setup the system to capture all required information at receiving time, ensuring that it is available when shipping and such rules as FEFO are respected when stocks are picked.
The Lot number is then validated by the 'Vantage' terminal and the system checks that the Lot Number has been through the FEFO rotation process (First Expired, First Out).
Providing the ability to allocate items based on FIFO, FMFO, LEFO, LMFO, and FEFO to effectively manage inventory, FootPrint is able to track inventory by lot, SKU, and UPC.
The solution will address the business information needs of the mid-market process industry including formulation management, product modeling, product cost and attribute analysis, material safety data sheets, nutritional labeling, forecasting, production planning and scheduling, segregation, lot control, FEFO inventory management, manufacturing and multi-stage quality control.
A WMS needs the capability to look at both FIFO (first-in, first-out), and FEFO (first expiration date, first out) criteria.