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FEGField Emission Gun (electron emission source commonly used in TEM and SEM)
FEGFox Entertainment Group (Los Angeles, CA)
FEGFegyver-és Gépgyár (Hungarian arms manufacturer)
FEGFlying Electric Generator
FEGFourth Estate Guardian
FEGFinite Element Graph
FEGFacility Engineer Group (US Army)
FEGForum des Educatrices de Guinée (French: Educating Forum of Guinea)
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The FEG curves were developed based on currently available fans with no indication of technical limitations being barriers to substantially improving the efficiencies of smaller impeller diameter fans driven by fractional horsepower (<0.
So as luck had it, my digging into the old FEG military beater had told me all I needed to know in precise detail about how my own gun comes apart.
A utilizacao do FEG deve-se, principalmente, a presenca de nao linearidade existente nos retornos das acoes, conforme mostrado em Lim & Brooks (2011).
Foi realizado um estudo de caso em uma paciente que apresenta a FEG na regiao glutea, na Clinica Escola da UNIG--Campus V utilizando o ultra-som terapeutico com frequencia de 3 Mhz, intensidade 0,5W/[cm.
Aguayo describe en La charola los excesos cometidos por la DFS; senala los origenes de la FEG y su maridaje con las altas esferas del poder politico, con base en archivos de la Direccion Federal de Seguridad (DFS), y aporta antecedentes de notorios fegistas.
M91/30 Mosin-Na-gant) and the 7,62mm Szimonov Karabe1y Szisztema (SKS) began at FEG.
The FEG Plus membranes are rated at 120,000 dalton molecular weight cutoff, roughly equivalent to a membrane pore size of 0.
Hobart, Stero, Vulcan, Traulsen, and Wittco are among the ITW FEG independent companies that contributed to efforts in designing and manufacturing products that earn the Energy Star, the government-backed national symbol of energy efficiency.
Iain Farmer, head of acquisitions at Dutch outfit FEG believes, "ironically one of the immediate effects of the demise of MIFED, should it occur, will be that people will travel more.
The FEG is a 405-person table of distribution and allowances (TDA) and table of organization and equipment (TOE) group responsible for design and technical-engineering support as well as facility and environmental management, base operations, and force protection.
The low-priced Hangarian FEG clones of the Browning Hi-Power fit nicely here for the tight budget customer.
FEG took adjustments on its Internet investments totaling $143 million.