FEGPFixed Electrical Ground Power (aviation)
FEGPFord Eagle Group Ltd.
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Christopher Cline, the founder of Foresight Energy, will maintain a 66% voting interest in FEGP and an approximate 36% economic interest in FELP.
Cline will remain actively involved as chairman of the board of directors of FEGP and will also join the board of directors of Murray Energy.
He summarised the process: "We needed to upgrade our FEGP equipment to meet the 787's needs; went through a specific procurement requirement; selected units, then installed and tested them to our satisfaction in less than four months.
The only snag was that occasionally the FEGP plug might work loose and 'trip-out' the aircraft's electricity supply.
With the more reliable FEGP connection in place, the airport's environmental team began investigating with its airline customers the potential for taxiing to stand on reduced engine power.
37bn and will acquire a 34% (previously 80%) voting interest in FEGP, with the same 77.
and Foresight Energy GP LLC owner Murray Energy and Foresight Reserves, LP have entered a definitive agreement for a transaction under which Murray Energy will acquire a controlling interest in Foresight Energy LP (NYSE: FELP) and FEGP, Murray said on Monday.