FELPFamily Educational Loan Program
FELPFunctional Education and Literacy Program (Philippines)
FELPForget Everything, Let's Party (polite form)
FELPFederal Employee Loyalty Program (UK)
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Subject to the terms and conditions of the tender offer and the exchange offer, FELP, the issuers and Reserves intend to accept all such existing senior notes tendered in the exchange offer and to pay such consideration offered in connection therewith.
Christopher Cline, the founder of Foresight Energy, will maintain a 66% voting interest in FEGP and an approximate 36% economic interest in FELP.
It will acquire approximately 50% (same as under the previous agreement) of the limited partner interest in FELP, including all of the outstanding subordinated units held by Foresight Reserves; and the would have same access to certain other coal handling, transportation and transloading facilities as provided under the previous agreement.
CHESLA was created in 1982 pursuant to the Connecticut Higher Education Supplemental Loan Authority Act (the Act) to provide financial assistance to Connecticut students and parents through supplemental education loans (CT FELP loans).
Key advantages of the FELP include lower interest rates and flexible terms for a wide variety of credit products.
The CT FELP loans are available to students and families from the State of Connecticut, as well as those students and families who are attending eligible institutions in the State of Connecticut.
In addition, the social function of values is simultaneously to motivate and control the behavior of the members of a certain group (Jones, Felps & Bigley, 2007).
Will Felps from the Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University, questions the universality of the relationship between IQ and job performance.
Lee, Mitchell and their colleagues suggest "research that addresses the intersection of the unfolding model and job embeddedness construct would be exceptionally helpful" (Harman, Lee, Mitchell, Felps & Owens, 2007, p.
Organisations are also expected to include social effects as part of their strategies, and it is inappropriate to ignore the community stakeholders who live in the tourist location (Jones, Felps & Bigley 2007).
GLENDALE (33) - Lovemark 11, Owens 9, Marriott 6, Tate 2, Felps 2, Brown 2, Poore 1.
Teammate Lexi Felps took the shot put 34-0-3/4 and Jacob Boeding captured the 1,600 (4:26.