FEMPFederal Energy Management Program
FEMPFederacion Espanola de Municipios y Provincias (Spanish: Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces)
FEMPFernald Environmental Management Project (DOE site near Cincinnati, OH)
FEMPFederation of European Mineral Programs (Netherlands)
FEMPFire and Emergency Management Program (Oklahoma State University; Stillwater, OK)
FEMPForest Ecosystem Management Plan
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There are also developments of cost indicators in social services, sports, and waste management, as a result of the cost project of FEMP (multiple perspective).
The study site is bordered on the north by a woodlot that serves as a buffer between the study area and the existing FEMP facilities.
90) Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Network, FEMP Helps Govermnent Agencies to Buy Energy-Efficient Products, at http://www, eren.
While awaiting pending approval to ship to the European Union, FEMP has built up business with customers in Australia, Vietnam, China and other countries.
1 and FEMP cost effectiveness criteria in all climate zones except 1A, when applied to a chilled water load above certain capacity thresholds.
With over 15 years in the energy efficiency field, he has contributed to the IPMVP and FEMP measurement & verification protocols, supported the DOE FEMP performance contracting program, and conducted training workshops worldwide.
This agreement is ascribed to the previous notice published in state contracting platform and the contractor profile of the FEMP on 11.
Against VDI and FEMP benchmarks for offices, the building's water performance has met the guideline values (VDI: 49 L/employee-day (12.
In addition to these prestigious Presidential Awards, the Department of Energy FEMP presented the DoN with five of 17 Federal Energy and Water Management Awards, Oct.
Framework agreement for the provision of technical support and collaboration management, reporting, voluntary collection and executive traffic fines by the Central Procurement FEMP.
FEMP provides project management, technological assistance, and support to agencies across the Federal Government about how to best manage energy and water use and improve efficiency nationally.