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FEMSFederation of European Microbiological Societies
FEMSFederation of European Materials Societies
FEMSFabrication Engineering Management System
FEMSFacility Equipment Maintenance System (PMEL/TMDE)
FEMSFatigue and Engine Monitoring System (US Navy)
FEMSFinite Ergodic Markov Source
FEMSFire and Emergency Services (Washington, DC)
FEMSFellow of the Minerals Engineering Society
FEMSFire Emergency Medical Services (Washington, DC)
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Non-target effects of bacterial control agents suppressing root pathogenic fungi, FEMS Microbiol.
The Bacillus subtilis genome sequence: the molecular blueprint of a soil bacterium, FEMS Microb.
Developed as part of a collaboration between YKK and Fujitsu, the new FEMS performs visualization in order to enable YKK to reduce its energy consumption and CO2 emissions.
The award ceremony took place at the 4th FEMS Congress of European Microbiologists held in Geneva, Switzerland and was presented by Professor Eliora Ron from Tel-Aviv University, Israel, the former chair of FEMS.
Working with the Historic Preservation Office, FEMS will widen the
Tenders are invited for Providing Shed And Chain Link Fencing With Gate In FEMS Extension For Transformer And DG Set At Autonagar, Visakhapatnam.
He serves as a reviewer or editor on five peer-reviewed journals in the biotechnology field: Protein Expression and Purification (executive editor); Applied and Environmental Microbiology; Biotechnology Letters; FEMS Yeast Research; and Molecular Biotechnology.
The redesign of the PSCC would allow us to accommodate 100% more 311 call-takers, while also upgrading the equipment for both 911 and 311 operations at the PSCC Fire Radio fleet replacement o This project involves the replacement of 1000 front line FEMS radios to P25 Phase 2 MPD Mobile VPN and Mobile Router project o This project consists of deploying mobile router solutions for the District%s frontline first response units.
The award ceremony took place at the 3rd FEMS Congress of European Microbiologists held in Goteborg, Sweden.