FENOFraction of Exhaled Nitric Oxide
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Moreover, the absolute values of FENO observed during the experiments are not readily available.
High FENO patients experienced 41% reduction in use of short-acting beta agonists
A predefined endpoint using the median baseline value of FENO (fractional exhaled nitric oxide), a Th2 associated biomarker, was also evaluated.
FENO measurements by NIOX MINO compare favorably to other asthma monitoring methods in terms of providing accurate and reliable results.
The competitive situation in Europe is expected to become more favourable over the year as a consequence of the company's successful defence of its patents and the acquisition of FENO assets from FILT of Germany.
Today, Aerocrine is the only company supplying quality-assured products for FENO monitoring approved by major regulatory authorities, including the FDA and SFDA, across the world.
NIOX MINO, the first handheld device for FENO monitoring in clinical practice, received FDA clearance in 2008.
Bell, Hatton and Feno became inseparable, and called themselves the Three Amigos - Bellos, Hattos and Fenos - as they travelled the country in amateur fights.
is pleased to announce the appointment of Robert Fenos as its Chief Operating Officer and Chairman of the Board of Directors, James Mundle as its President and Chief Executive Officer, Anthony Palumbo as its Vice-President, Chief Financial Officer and Secretary, Chris Madsen as its Vice-President, Sales and Marketing and Steve Jasper as its Vice-President, Product Management.