FENOFraction of Exhaled Nitric Oxide
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FENO measurements are a new non-invasive method of assessing the eosinophilic inflammation in the airways.
Moreover, the absolute values of FENO observed during the experiments are not readily available.
C has adopted Aerocrine's FENO technology for airway inflammation measurement as part of its clinical standardisation on a system-wide basis.
The competitive situation in Europe is expected to become more favourable over the year as a consequence of the company's successful defence of its patents and the acquisition of FENO assets from FILT of Germany.
Today, Aerocrine is the only company supplying quality-assured products for FENO monitoring approved by major regulatory authorities, including the FDA and SFDA, across the world.
NIOX MINO, the first handheld device for FENO monitoring in clinical practice, received FDA clearance in 2008.
Assim, a producao de fitomassa do estrato herbaceo excede a capacidade de consumo dos rebanhos, o que permite conservar o excedente disponivel, sob forma de fenos ou silagem, para serem utilizados no periodo de maior escassez de alimentos, selecionando as especies que melhor se prestam para conservacao e que apresentem caracteristicas forrageiras desejaveis.
Bell, Hatton and Feno became inseparable, and called themselves the Three Amigos - Bellos, Hattos and Fenos - as they travelled the country in amateur fights.
2006) atribui a baixa digestibilidade da FDN de fenos de baixa qualidade a valores pobres de PB, os quais limitam a proliferacao das bacterias celuloliticas, devido a baixa disponibilidade de acidos graxos de cadeia ramificada.
Casca de soja na alimentacao de coelhos em crescimento em substituicao aos fenos de alfafa e coastcross.