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FENSFederation of European Neuroscience Societies
FENSFaculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences (Sabanci University; Istanbul, Turkey)
FENSFederation of European Nutrition Societies
FENSFuture Events News Service (London, England, UK)
FENSFunctional Endoscopic Nasosinus Surgery
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The Anglesey Fens are the main source for Llyn Cefni, which supplies drinking water for the island, and Mr Hanson said it was expensive for DwrCymru to cleanup the water to make it safe and palatable for people to drink.
The project thus aims to achieve a sustainable future for the fens by addressing the changes in land use and management necessary to maintain the conservation gains of the project.
Fens Primary School is also supporting the initiative which highlight health risks posed by dog dirt.
The Fen Raft Spider (Dolomedes plantarius) gets its popular name from the way it leans over pools on a plant and dangles its front legs on the water's surface to pick up vibrations from approaching prey, mainly pond skaters and dragonfly larvae, sticklebacks and tadpoles.
At present, the seven lowland fen areas that are the focus of this LIFE project include a large area of well-developed valuable habitat.
The extreme risk to Polish alkaline fens has been confirmed by the results of an inventory of habitats carried out by the project beneficiary, Klub PrzyrodnikEw, during 2008-2011.
A public meeting is being held by the association on Tuesday at the Fens School at 7pm.
Special attention will also be paid to the preparation of recommendations for future management of the Annex II fen species, the yellow widelip orchid (Liparis loeselii ), which is in an unfavourable conservation status and severely threatened in Denmark.
Enthusiastic Year 4 youngsters from the school cleaned up litter from around the Fens shopping parade as their contribution towards Hartlepool Council's Spring Clean campaign.
THE MOON TUNNEL: The latest book from Kelly in the Philip Dryden series is set in the Cambridgeshire Fens and centres on the investigation of a murder after a body is found in an old prisoner of war tunnel.
But the final rehearsals for Fen, by playwright Caryl Churchill, have been particularly tough for director Sunila Galappatti, who recently caught chickenpox.
Society chief executive Graham Wynne said: "We have made a start, lost fens have been recreated, with benefits for rare nesting birds such as bitterns.