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FEOFront-End Optimization (computer peformance)
FEOFirearms and Explosives Office (Philippines)
FEOFor Each Other (photography group)
FEOFestivals and Events Ontario (Canada)
FEOIron (II) Oxide (Ferrous Oxide)
FEOFédération des Enseignantes et Enseignants de l'Ontario (French: Teachers' Federation of Ontario; Ontario, Canada)
FEOFire Equipment Operator (firefighting)
FEOFaculty Enhancement Opportunity (University of Florida)
FEOFinancial Executive Officer (various organizations)
FEOFlorida Energy Office
FEOFederal Energy Office
FEOFamilial Expansile Osteolysis
FEOFor Exhibition Only
FEOFirearms Enquiry Officer (Civilian member of UK police force)
FEOFaculty Education Office (UK)
FEOFuneral Ethics Organization
FEOFind Everything Online (searchable advertising website)
FEOFoederatio Europea Orthodontica (European Federation of Orthodontics)
FEOFlexible Employment Option (various locations)
FEOFire Engine Operator (California Dept of Forestry and Fire Protection)
FEOFraternity Education Officer (Phi Mu Alpha)
FEOFacility Emergency Organization
FEOForcible Entry Operations
FEOField Engineering Order
FEOField Engineering Office
FEOForward Engagement Operations
FEOFlight Elements Office
FEOFredrick Ernest Osborne (Canadian school)
FEOFor the Estate Of
FEOFar East Office
FEOFor Friends Eyes Only
FEOFinancial Enforcement Office (Phoenix Municipal Court department)
FEOFuel Efficiency Office (US Air Force Air Mobility Command)
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In February, 2013, Meneses submitted to Purisima a memorandum recommending that the delivery of license cards by courier service be made mandatory and declaring that Werfast has been accredited after complying with the documentary requirements under the FEO policy on accreditation.
The court found that there was a real possibility that if the assessment had been done properly PGO and FEO would not have been approved as foster carers and that it was unlikely that they would have been approved as adopters.
The variations during each test are compared with AHRI Standard 210/240 test tolerances in Table 4 for the unit using an FEO, and in Table 5 for the unit using a TXV.
It's vital that the FEO brings the right mix of people together because the challenge the office has been handed is huge.
As the world's largest, most secure, most robust cloud service platform they're in a strategic position to bring advanced front-end optimization to site owners who would otherwise not have access to the aggressive FEO toolset that the current online marketplace demands.
Apart from the business permit from the local government, firecrackers dealers are required to secure licenses from the FEO and the Bureau of Fire Protection.
The complaint alleged that based on the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG) investigation report dated July, 2014, four private security agencies and a mining company successfully applied and were issued firearms licenses by the FEO using falsified and incomplete documentary requirements.
Malayo said the FEO revoked the licenses for Sabal's nine firearms, five short firearms and four high-powered firearms.
The Ombudsman has charged Purisima, Petrasanta and several other officials of the FEO and Werfast with graft for awarding to Werfast an exclusive contract to deliver renewed firearm licenses to applicants.
The court said aside from sweeping statements, the Ombudsman failed show proof that Petrasanta, as chair of the FEO technical working group and the courier service accreditation board, had a conscious or malicious design to conspire and give unwarranted benefits to or undue preference for Werfast.
The CIDG head, Director Victor Deona, recommended the relief of Sarona and the following FEO personnel: Senior Insp.
According to the complainant, the transfer is anomalous because neither Sangley Point nor Camp Aquino is the official address of the PNP FEO where the ammunition should have been delivered.