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FEOLFront End Of Line (semiconductor manufacturing)
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As part of the joint R&D agreement, SCREEN will advance process development on their AquaSpin SU-3200 single wafer cleaners for FEOL and BEOL applications as well as SOKUDO DUO coat/develop track processes for lithography patterning.
to add to its existing platforms 300mm LAM RESEARCH Versys 2300 dedicated to the FEOL a deposit and other deposits in the BEOL.
Picosecond Ultrasonic Laser Sonar (PULSE) technology's unique ability to provide non-contact, non-destructive, on-product measurements of single and multi-layered opaque thin films has allowed Rudolph to establish a market-leading position for FEOL (front-end-of-line) and BEOL (back-end-of-line) processes in semiconductor manufacturing.
The system's highly efficient dry cleaning solution can be used for a variety of particle removal applications in FEOL and BEOL.
One customer will use the ORION([R]) System for FEOL all-wet photoresist stripping applications, using the high-temperature ViPR[TM] process, and the other customer will use the system for BEOL applications.
Also, this system will be used for FEOL post ash clean (PAC) and all-wet photoresist stripping applications using the high temperature ViPR(TM) process.