FeRPFe(III)-reducing prokaryotes
FERPFaculty Early Retirement Program
FERPFamily Employment Readiness Program
FERPFederal Emergency Response Plan
FERPFusion Energy Research Program (University of California, San Diego)
FERPFinal Exam Review Packet
FERPFederal Emergency Radiological Plan
FERPfield-emission retarding-potential
FERPFederated Enterprise Resource Planning
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Once approved, TF Lifeliner coordinated with the JFC-UA J-4, USAID, the embassy's chief of mission, and the governments of Liberia and Senegal to determine which government agencies or NGOs should receive the FEPP and FERP properties.
When a FOB was in a town or a densely populated area, it could be donated to the Afghan government or Afghan locals through the FERP process.
5 million in FERP that was transferred to the government of Afghanistan.
Director FERP said that Sujawal to Jati road were constructed with the
Under FERP, the height of the Shah Bandar Bund by 7 feet which has increased the water capacity from 0.
76) No matter what the authority for use of foreign land, the disposal authority for FERP remains the same.
The Secretary of Defense's title 40 authority to dispose of foreign excess property also applies to all FERP.
83) The administrative function of FERP disposal, which belongs to the military departments, should not be confused with the legal authority to authorize FERP disposal, which belongs to the USD (AT&L).
More importantly, the BCATs needed to meet the required 60-day FERP and FEPP submission requirement 100 percent of the time.
Data was collected for the number of days BCATs spent on site, the number of days prior to closure that the visit was conducted, and the number of days before closure that FERP and FEPP packets were submitted.
FERP and FEPP packets were submitted an average of 65 days before base closure.