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FERSForum of European Respiratory Societies (est. 2004)
FERSFederal Employees Retirement System
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We have identified about fifty former employees of the Board who have gone to work for other federal agencies and who will have this service credit problem when they retire under FERS.
The service credit problem has festered without resolution since the FERS statute was enacted in 1986.
It would amend the FERS statute to make post-1988 Board service creditable service under FERS.
This would prevent receipt of credit for post-1988 Board service under both FERS and the Bank Plan.
Second, the bill requires the employee to make a contribution to FERS that, in effect, would "buy" FERS credit for his or her Board service.
This includes the Bank Plan employee who transfers to another agency and is placed under FERS, as well as the Board Plan employee who has completed five years service (but not before 1987) and who was placed under FERS after a break in service of more than one year.
NECKSTAR FER has a multitude of applications and use cases, including, but not limited to:
NECKSTAR FER can effectively guard the exposed skin of the neck, even in the most unclean environments.
The company behind NECKSTAR FER is based in South Florida.