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FESFundacion para la Educacion Superior (Spanish: Foundation for Higher Education)
FESFlash Evaporator System
FESFlorida Entomological Society
FESFestina Watches (Tour De France cycling sponsor)
FESV-FES Feline Sarcoma Viral/V-FPS Fujinami Avian Sarcoma Viral Oncogene Homolog
FESFixed End System
FeSIron Sulpher
FESFine Error Signal
FESFront End Screening
FESFleet Exercise Section
FESForced Entry Switch
FESFree Enterprise System, Inc. (Jeffersonville, IN)
FESFuels Enterprise System (US DOD)
FESFloor Elevation Survey
FESFluids Experiments System
FESFleet Electronics Shop
FESFlorida Engineering Solutions, Inc (San Antonio, FL)
FESFalls Efficacy Scale (psychometrics)
FESForestry Environmental Studies (Yale University; New Haven, CT)
FESFuzzy Expert System
FESFactor Evaluation System
FESFront End Supervisor
FESFront End System
FESFunctional Electrical Stimulation
FESFlared End Section
FESFollett Educational Services (Woodridge, IL)
FESFat Embolism Syndrome
FESFull En-Suite (real estate)
FESFlat Earth Society (band and organization)
FESFastiron Edge Switch (Foundry)
FESFrisbie Elementary School (Wolcott, CT)
FESForeign Exchange Student
FESFlywheel Energy Storage
FESFluent English Speaker
FESFriedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (German political foundation)
FESFlorida Engineering Society
FESFiber Ethernet Switch (network management)
FESFire and Emergency Services
FESForce Embedded Server (Force Computers)
FESFlorida Engineering Services, Inc (Miami, FL)
FESFamily Expenditure Survey (UK)
FESFront-End Software
FESFlextronics Enclosure Systems (division of Flextronics)
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The experiment in this paper is to examine the productivity of broiler meat according to the form and level of Fe supplementation, to find out the extent of Fe accumulation within broiler meat and ultimately to develop effective means to produce Fe-enriched broiler meat.
He says this reduces stress concentrations (weak points) and makes it possible to design "closed box" sections into the FES.
Most important, the new laws instituted last year confirm that both FIEs and FEs are subject to the new turnover taxes.
In addition to supplying a range of subsea technologies, FES Subsea will also provide installation, commissioning and onsite support services.
Au programme de cette edition figurent aussi "les Nuits de la Medina" qui offrent un veritable voyage musical et initiatique au coeur des maisons et riads traditionnels de Fes, outre des expositions de peinture d'artistes marocains et du monde entier et des ateliers de calligraphie et de theatre.
However, our FES+RTT system was not engineered with as much intent to produce a certain gait trajectory during training; rather, the primary goal of our design was to time FES of the TA to coincide with afferent feedback that was naturally generated during WSTT in an attempt to reinforce this afferent activity.
Some of the FES members may question the reasons to foster ties and build relationships with Latin American and Caribbean countries.
For franchisors looking to grow throughout Florida, the Southeast and into Latin America, FES continues to deliver the top franchise prospects.
The preliminary results of a study conducted at the University of Alberta and funded by the Canadian Institutes for Health Research and the Christopher Reeve Foundation were recently presented at the 2007 conference of the International FES Society.
For some 25 years footballers at amateur team Cambusbarron Rovers have also been proud to wear the FES logo on their jerseys.
FeS was added to Si-based inoculants by mechanically mixing, pressing for use as an insert inoculant or during manufacture.
FES has 5 state-of-the-art manufacturing plants in India, 2 plants in China, 3 assembly plants in USA and 1 assembly plant in Australia.