FESACFusion Energy Sciences Advisory Committee (DoE)
FESACFederal Economic Statistics Advisory Committee
FESACFoundation for European Societies of Arms Collectors (Malta)
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FESAC members noted that many critical health care policy decisions are being driven by best guess estimates because data are either unavailable or not available in a timely fashion.
FESAC members cited several scenarios where this is critical.
In response, FESAC is requesting "white papers" input from the fusion community via email: SPwhitepapers@bumingplasma.
Copies of Dehmer's charge letter, a presentation on the charge by OFES director Ed Synakowski, a statement on the charge by FESAC chair Mark Koepke and a listing of the FESAC subpanel members who will prepare the report, which must be also reviewed and approved by the full FESAC before being submitted to DOE are posted at http://fire.
In a letter to DOE Office of Science Director William Brinkman, FESAC chair Martin Greenwald wrote: "It is clear that the community is upset about the current budget trajectory and the potential impact on our domestic program.
FES AC established a panel under the chairmanship of FESAC member Bob Rosner (U.
Brinkman gave the FESAC no target date to complete the study but sources indicate FESAC hopes to complete the study by the end of this summer.
A new charge was given to FESAC to assess opportunities and methods by which the U.
Findings from the 2004 FESAC report: "Review of the Inertial Fusion Energy Program,"--Rulon Linford
Department of Energy (DOE), its Fusion Energy Sciences Advisory Committee (FESAC) endorsed the report of a FESAC panel chaired by Professor Riccardo Betti (U.
The FESAC will also receive the final report of its Panel on Toroidal Alternate Concepts and a briefing on the Status of the ITER project.
burning plasma program and ITER research planning effort, and his role in several FESAC and Academies policy panels.