FESEMField Emission Scanning Electron Microscope
FESEMField Emission Secondary Electron Microscopy
FESEMForcible Entry Safeguards Effectiveness Model
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AFM investigations showed the good dispersion of CNC in all the selected polymer matrices [22], and some agglomerates were detected only in the lower surface of TPU_C74D50_10CNC film confirming that just observed for this sample by FESEM [11].
Finally, our FESEM inspection revealed that the shrimp's aesthetascs, which are densely and exclusively located on the lateral flagellum, resemble the general structure reported in other crustaceans (Hallberg et al.
FESEM photographs showed that kaolinite in Chang 7 reservoir often filled in the porosity with booklet shapes (as shown in Figure 1a); chlorite was usually distributed on the surfaces of particles with leaf shapes (Figure 1b) and the form of the illite and the illitesmectite mixed layer were flocculent structure (Figure 1c and Figure 1d).
Energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (Jeol JSM-6400) coupled with FESEM (Zeiss FE-SEM Ultra Plus) allows determining elemental compositions of the scanned samples.
The FESEM makes it possible to: observe the finest structural morphology of nanomaterials at 1,000,000x magnification with sub-1 nm resolution; perform low kV imaging and analysis of highly magnetic samples; collect large-area EBSD maps at low magnifications without distortion: and image thin, electron-transparent samples with sub-0.
FESEM analyses proved that the distribution of nanoparticles in the printed patterns was homogenous.
All the microscopic characterizations were made using Hitachi FESEM 4800 and HD 2000 STEM used for the examination of samples cross sections and elemental mapping.
The morphological features of MWCNT were analyzed by Raman spectroscopy, FESEM, HR-TEM, EDS and TGA.
The fracture section was treated with a gold spray and placed within the FESEM for analysis and photographs.