FESIFree Ecma Script Interpreter
FESIFonds d'Entraide et de Solidarité Internationale (French: Assistance Fund and International Solidarity)
FESIFederation of the European Sporting Goods Industry
FESIFédération Européenne des Syndicats d'Entreprises d'Isolation (French: European Federation of Trade Unions Business Insulation)
FESIFederacion Espanola de Sociedades de Informatica (Spain)
FESIField-Enhanced Sample Injection
FESIForum for Engineering Structural Integrity (UK)
FESIFamily Economic Security Initiative (Californians for Economic Security)
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Con respecto a los aspectos de exigencia que reciben dentro de su formacion en la FESI, se les exige lo mismo que en los empleos, excepto la habilidad para vender (figura 12).
En la carrera de Optometria, la FESI debe vincularse con diferentes empresas, para que les den un panorama real a los estudiantes en relacion con lo que se hace en el campo laboral, tanto en terminos profesionales como de las habilidades y los valores requeridos para ejercer su profesion.
La FESI debe promover cursos y diplomados de actualizacion optometrica, con el fin de que sus egresados se actualicen, para dar una mejor atencion a la poblacion.
In the report the analyst writes, "In October 2008, FESI executed a letter of intent to acquire the central Florida market leader in waste processing and infrastructure reconstruction.
Friday FESI announced the execution of a letter of intent to purchase a biofuel producer operating in Florida and Pennsylvania.
Developing this integrated platform and building a consistent, reliable grease feedstock supply will provide FESI with a pricing advantage over other biofuel producers.
Without quoting any definite figures, FESI, which directly or indirectly employs 643,000 people in the EU, warns of job cuts in Europe in the areas of marketing, design and sales in the event of anti-dumping duties being introduced.
FESI is developing a pricing advantage over other waste collection companies that do not have as profitable an outlet for their organic grease due to the unique ability to maintain a continuous in-house supply of feedstock.
Borish, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of FESI, commented that, "This transaction will give FESI a robust production platform, from raw materials collection through the manufacture of market-ready fuel.
Developing this vertical production platform will give FESI a pricing advantage over other waste collection companies that do not have as profitable an outlet for their organic grease due to our unique ability to maintain a continuous in-house supply.
FESI has initially secured contracts for liquid waste collection with McDonald's franchisees located in the Orlando (Central Florida) area.
FESI is expertly equipped to handle "super-sized" jobs, such as the caliber of McDonald's restaurants, in some of the busiest franchise locations.