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FETEFORTRAN (Formula Translation/Translator) Execution Time Estimator (computer language)
FETEFamily Empowerment Through Education (Tuskegee University, Alabama)
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Indeed, every day the king asked the cardinal when this fete should take place; and every day the cardinal, under some pretext, deferred fixing it.
The aldermen of the city give a fete on the third of October.
Then the cardinal added, "A PROPOS, sire, do not forget to tell her Majesty the evening before the fete that you should like to see how her diamond studs become her.
Her fete of the 25th was an invention of the moment.
I don't care a straw for her fete, I am willing to take the will for the deed.
As she came walking in, looking very tired but as composed as ever, she observed that every vestige of the unfortunate fete had disappeared, except a suspicious pucker about the corners of Jo's mouth.
That which proved still better that this officer was upon duty, and was accomplishing a task to which he was accustomed, was, that he watched, with folded arms, remarkable indifference, and supreme apathy, the joys and ennuis of this fete.
He was becoming very sweet upon the Grafinn Fanny de Butterbrod, a very gentle tender-hearted and unassuming young creature, a Canoness and Countess in her own right, but with scarcely ten pounds per year to her fortune, and Fanny for her part declared that to be Amelia's sister was the greatest delight that Heaven could bestow on her, and Jos might have put a Countess's shield and coronet by the side of his own arms on his carriage and forks; when--when events occurred, and those grand fetes given upon the marriage of the Hereditary Prince of Pumpernickel with the lovely Princess Amelia of Humbourg- Schlippenschloppen took place.
Crowds of foreigners arrived for the fetes, and of English, of course.
Sa fete, le tourisme la fera pendant quatre jours, dans le cadre des [beaucoup moins que]S alons du Tourisme [beaucoup plus grand que], car, il n'y pas d'occasion plus propice et d'endroit plus indique qu'une foire, pour se reunir dans la bonne humeur et la convivialite, pour faire la fete.
Seulement la fete n'a pas ete complete pour le WAC qui a termine sur une defaite.
Deborah Lee, who was the Sunday School Rose Queen, is seen in the centre surrounded by young visitors to the fete.