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FETPField Epidemiology Training Program
FETPFulbright Economics Teaching Program (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam)
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DOH is encouraging promising candidates for FETP to apply for a slot in the program.
Similar to FETP, each country MoH will have a full-time IMPACT Director to work directly with partner colleagues and prepare for MoH ownership.
Similarly, leveraging infrastructure and assets developed through the polio eradication efforts in Nigeria enabled an effective rapid response and demonstrated the value of investing in core public health capacities and training epidemiologists through the country's FETP program, which is needed in countries around the world.
All five FETP graduates and three German EPIET graduates are employed.
Much of the work of FETP staff, trainees, and graduates is accomplished as they fulfill duties in their national public health systems and has not been published.
Local public health officials and FETP epidemiologists interviewed 145 of 200 persons who attended the festival by using a standard questionnaire to assess food consumed and possible illness.
The Jordan FETP began in 1999 as a 2-year program within JMoH's Directorate of Disease Control.
To evaluate the impact of the monks' smoking-cessation efforts, the MSGH and the FETP conducted household surveys during March 1991 in one village (1990 population: 537) inhabited by monks actively involved in smoking-cessation efforts in their community (intervention village) and, during March and April 1991, in a nearby village (1990 population: 914) where no special smoking-cessation programs had been implemented (reference village).
Epidemiologic investigations are being carried out by FETP residents to further define the extent of the epidemic and the mode of transmission.
The FETP team estimated that 1084 earthquake-related casualties occurred: 695 injured survivors and 389 fatalities (case-fatality rate: 36%).