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FEVFévrier (French: February)
FEVForced Expiratory Volume (lung capacity test)
FEVFull Electric Vehicle (cars)
FEVForced Evolutionary Virus (game)
FEVFlesh-Eating Virus
FEVFrench Enamel Varnish
FEVFibrosing Mediastinitis, Effusion, Vasculitis
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FEV is partnering with Krebs & Aulich by offering its integration expertise and capabilities of the drive panel and control systems with the motor, resulting in substantial cost reduction.
UPM BioVerno renewable diesel was investigated in a screening campaign at FEV Germany.
Stefan Pischinger, president and CEO of FEV Group, the software can actually minimize the requirement of hardware in powertrain development:
The TORCH study suggests that salmeterol has a very modest but significant effect in slowing down the rate of progression in FEV, over a 3-year period (18).
FEV worked with the EPA to design, simulate and analyze the hydraulic systems and components, and fabricated the powertrain system and components that are used to store energy, in contrast to electric motors and batteries used in electric hybrid vehicles.
The CUV diesel-hybrid concept uses start/stop operation as part of the operating strategy," said FEV.
Any ongoing business with Iran will damage FEV's international image and financial bottom-lineO This should be of particular concern to FEV because of its extensive business in the United States.
Jens Ludmann was appointed as Executive Vice President at renowned development service provider FEV GmbH with responsibility for FEV's European operations.
The cohort's mean age was 55 years, and the mean FEV, was 60.
3]- years) before the start of the survey interval in which FEV, was measured, but was modeled with two binary variables comparing high with low and medium with low levels.
The diesel engine is to be developed by Germany-based FEV.