FEVRFamilial Exudative Vitreoretinopathy
FEVRFédération Européenne des Victimes de la Route (French: European Federation of Road Traffic Victims)
FEVRFremont & Elkhorn Valley Railroad
FEVRFamilial Exudative Vitreal Retinopathy (ophthalmological malady of the vitreous and retina)
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The boffins hope that by screening these family members for TSPAN12 mutations, doctors may be able to catch FEVR early on and treat patients before they start to lose their sight.
Dr Carmel Toomes, of the Leeds Institute of Molecular Medicine who led the research, said: "This discovery will have an immediate impact on the treatment and counselling of some FEVR patients by allowing us to identify family members who carry the mutated gene before any retinal damage has occurred.
TSPAN12 is thought to cause FEVR by disrupting the cell signals required for the normal development of blood vessels in the retina at the back of the eye.
To reach the conclusion, experts looked at 70 FEVR patients who had tested negative for the three genes already known to cause the disease.
Istanbul Universitesi Tip Fakultesi, Goz Hastaliklari Anabilim Dali retina biriminde FEVR tanisi ile takip edilen ve tedavi uyguladigimiz on hastanin dosyalari geriye donuk olarak incelendi.
10) Klinik olarak en fazla premature retinopatisi ile benzerlik gosterse de FEVR olan hastalarda prematur dogum oykusu yoktur ve calismamizda takip ettigimiz hastalarin hicbirinde erken dogum anamnezi saptanmamisti.
11) yaptigi calismada 175 FEVR tanili hasta degerlendirilmis ve sadece %37'sinde aile hikayesi oldugu saptanabilmistir.