FEVSFédération des Exportateurs de Vins et Spiritueux de France (French: Federation of Exporters of Wines and Spirits of France)
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The FEVS questions include questions from a self-reporting, behavioral-based team performance effectiveness perspective.
In considering the FEVS administration to the GSA, the survey was completed by 8,429 employees out of 11,724 invited, resulting in a response/total ratio of 71.
The 2013 FEVS survey requested the involvement of 781,047 full-time and part-time employees from 81 U.
Data were collected by the responses of participants to the questions in the FEVS survey questionnaire.
FEVS results point the way to stronger workplaces, said OPM Acting Director Kathy McGettigan.
Our diversity programs and professionals empower us to make sure employees respond with feedback, through methods like FEVS, so that we can plan and measure change, said NNSA Deputy Associate Administrator for Management Frank Lowery.
NNSAs successful inclusive tools and resources include the New IQ Approach, human-centered design, a focus on leadership, engagement of the workforce, and outreach for increased FEVS participation.
NNSAs employee empowerment organization relays the agencys FEVS participation rates frequently during the survey period to encourage participation in a friendly competition that drives engagement.
The 2016 FEVS Government-wide Management Report presents an overview of this years survey results and highlights notable agency achievements.
As evidenced by the steady increase of Employee Engagement scores, agency leaders across the Federal government continue to utilize the FEVS results in an effective and meaningful way, said Beth Cobert, Acting Director of the Office of Personnel Management.
This FEVS data provides agency leaders with valuable information they can use to evaluate current procedures, while encouraging their front-line supervisors to further engage and mentor their employees, said OPM Acting Director Beth Cobert.
FEVS results are used by government leaders and supervisors to guide evaluation and action planning to support and strengthen a culture of employee and organizational performance.