FEWDFormation Evaluation While Drilling (oilfield industry)
FEWDFront-End Web Developer
FEWDFood Establishment Wastewater Discharge (San Diego, CA)
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The system is known as the FEWD 8 Database which was designed, created and implemented by San Diego Data Processing Corporation.
Several modifications were identified to be made to the FEWD 8 system.
The extension connects directly to the back-end Oracle database of the FEWD 8 application.
Working with management within the FEWD section, acceptable "windows of time" where adopted that state how far into the future inspectors can look and how long they can let inspections pass by before having to do them.
The GIS tool takes this window of time and applies it to the schedule table with the Oracle database of the FEWD 8 system and renders a graphical view of inspections that are about to be due, are due presently, or have slid past their due dates.
The modifications to the FEWD 8 application are nearing completion.