FFCCCIIFederation of Filipino-Chinese Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Inc
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Past FFCCCII leaders include the late founding president Yu Khe Thai (father-in-law of brothers David and Washington SyCip), founding EVP Dee Hong Lue (father of former ambassador to the Vatican Howard Dee, grandfather of Metrobank president Fabian Dee and grandnephew of pioneer 19th-century Philippine lumber entrepreneur Dy Han Kia), and the late 'Sugar King' Antonio Roxas Chua.
A higher tax on coal would not only have a direct adverse effect on the electricity cost of households but would also increase the cost of living,' the FFCCCII said.
The new building constructed by FFCCCII and BDO Foundation addresses this shortage.
The medical mission was part of the FFCCCII s social welfare projects and advocacies to pursue the Federation s objectives and tradition of service to unite the Filipino-Chinese community for sustainable nation-wide development through humanitarian endeavors.
Aquino did not miss lauding the FFCCCII for helping his administration achieve its goals of reforming the country, noting the positive changes in the economic growth as well as the increasing confidence of the international and business community in the country.
Alfonso Siy, FFCCCII president, cited the GTC as a building that "will provide green skills for our people.
Among those in attendance was Chinese Ambassador Zhao Jianhua, who last year snubbed the FFCCCII gathering amid tensions in the South China Sea.
As early as April 2014, the FFCCCII has been in constant coordination with the COA and the Department of Public Works and Highway to address the matter," said the Senate leader.
Aquino III personally thanked the members of the FFCCCII and FFCCCII Foundation, Inc.
Apart from Lim the FFCCCII mission to Alibaba also included George Chiu (FFCCCII Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee chair) while Agriculture Assistant Secretary Edilberto de Luna witnessed the MOU signing.
Aquino aired the hope that as the FFCCCII continued to "give generously," it would take to heart "the civic duties and responsibilities of every Filipino.
Chua, a former chair of the FFCCCII, said the exchange of visits could help ease tensions between the two countries.