FFDAFlorida Funeral Directors Association
FFDAFederated Funeral Directors of America (Springfield, IL)
FFDAFish Farmers Development Agency (India)
FFDAFact-Finding Documentation and Advocacy (est. 1995; India)
FFDAFinnish Flying Disc Association (frisbee)
FFDAForum for Development Association
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FFDA believes that parents, guardians, school staff, officials and school medical professionals, are often in the best position to help a troubled teen.
To help teens and their parents FFDA developed and pilot-tested two unique guides: Depression and Bipolar Wellness Guide for Parents of Children and Teens with Depression or Bipolar Disorder and Depression and Bipolar Wellness Guide for Teens with Depression and Bipolar Disorder.
To support this training initiative and provide teens with peer-to-peer support FFDA has also successfully been building a Teen Speakers Bureau.
Spotting the warning signs of teen depression can be tricky because many teenagers with depression exhibit an easily overlooked blend of mood and behavioral issues rather than the symptoms typically seen in adults," said Julie Totten, founder and president of FFDA.
We're pleased that the FFDA has recognized our unique ability to deliver products and services that are expected to benefit families as well as funeral homes.
As the major source of communication, resources and benefits for Florida funeral directors, FFDA carries the torch of the traditional funeral institution while tapping into the strengths of its members to meet the challenges of the changing needs of society.