FFDEFitness for Duty Examinations
FFDEFreeze-Fracture Deep-Etching Replica (medical imaging)
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Further, because they constitute medical/legal, or "forensic" evaluations, FFDEs are typically outside the scope of EAP services contracted to employers.
And finally, through FFDEs, many employers seek information about reasonable accommodations.
Employers and EAPs often unknowingly expose themselves to and other risks associated with poor quality psycholoical and s chiatric FFDEs.
No standardized assessment protocol--Most psychologists and psychiatrists do not routinely use a formalized protocol in their FFDEs.
The consultant, together with management, also helped influence the founder to undergo an FFDE as part of a series planning process given his recent health difficulties.
The FFDE is a tool for direct assessment of cognitive abilities and emotional functioning.
Using the previous case study, this phase is exemplified by the need for an FFDE to determine work-related impairment.
Officers also should know their rights and responsibilities and remain informed about the FFDE, either through their own research or in consultation with a legal representative.
The entire validity of the FFDE hinges on the accuracy of the information they provide.
While there is no single universally accepted format, a useful and practical one exists for psychological FFDE reports.
After learning of such a condition or the use of an intoxicant, the employer can remove the employee from the workplace and may also require other measures, including drug testing, psychological and psychiatric FFDEs, or modified workplace activities.
As in the United States, the vast majority of employee assistance programs in Ireland do not perform psychological and psychiatric FFDEs.