FFDEFitness for Duty Examinations
FFDEFreeze-Fracture Deep-Etching Replica (medical imaging)
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And finally, through FFDEs, many employers seek information about reasonable accommodations.
Employers and EAPs often unknowingly expose themselves to and other risks associated with poor quality psycholoical and s chiatric FFDEs.
No standardized assessment protocol--Most psychologists and psychiatrists do not routinely use a formalized protocol in their FFDEs.
Collectively, these measures increase the value of FFDEs while lessening risks for all parties involved.
Fisher oversees psychological and psychiatric FFDEs.
The entire validity of the FFDE hinges on the accuracy of the information they provide.
While there is no single universally accepted format, a useful and practical one exists for psychological FFDE reports.
In cases where officers are referred without clear reasons for an FFDE (e.
Special sensitivity helps maintain the maximum degree of confidentiality possible for both the collateral sources and the subject of the FFDE.
Some psychological tests are specifically designed for law enforcement assessment, while others that deal with general psychological functioning can be adapted to the law enforcement FFDE referral question.
This section should consist of a succinct summary of the main points relevant to the FFDE questions with documentation of the examiner's reasoning on each point.
Following the recommended course of treatment, the officer usually will be referred for a posttreatment FFDE, the recommendations of which may include continued abstinence and periodic psychological follow-up for a specified length of time.