FFDOFederal Flight Deck Officer
FFDOFinancing for Development Office (UN)
FFDOFellow of the Faculty of Dispensing Opticians
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Since its inception, the FFDO programme has been aimed at protecting the US aviation system.
The president proposed elimination of FFDO funding in his FY2014 budget proposal.
The FFDO program trains qualified pilots in the use of force, defensive tactics and other survival procedures.
Since its inception, FFDO has been one of the most cost-effective initiatives aimed at protecting our nation's aviation system.
Created in response to the unprecedented attacks on September 11, 2001, the FFDO has added a vital layer of security with minimal federal investment.
State Department accountable to Congress for progress in negotiating agreements with foreign countries for FFDO carriage.
However, this amendment is essential to ensure the FFDO program operates as originally intended by Congress.
The Range 3000 XP4 is a use-of-force digital training simulator that allows FFDO trainees to encounter realistic, real-world scenarios in a safe, controlled environment.
We are proud that the TSA has select the Range 3000 XP4 for use in the FFDO training program," said Robert S.
The TSA rule also apparently violates a specific provision in the law that created the FFDO program, requiring training "to ensure that the officer maintains exclusive control over the officer's firearm at all times .
Alternatively, a situation in which the FFDO is required to relinquish control of the weapon and have it stowed out of his or her sight creates the potential for all three problems.
Because government mandates to beef up security in the air cargo segment of the industry have lagged far behind the fixes ordered for passenger operations since 9/11, pilots of cargo airliners are at greater risk and need the added security of the FFDO program.