FFDTFDDI Full Duplex Technology (Digital Equipment Corp.)
FFDTFat-Free Dried Tissue
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The meanseconds and standard deviation (SD) of the three trials of the FFDT were analyzed for gender and 10-year age categories: 18-29, 30-39, 40-49, and 50-60 (see Table 3).
The scores for the NHPT were compared to the FFDT scores by gender, with the Pearson Product r correlation showing a correlation for the 90 males' scores of r = .
The FFDT is a quick and simple test, taking less than 5 min to administer in a clinic for the three trials.
The limitations of this study include rater independence in the inter-rater reliability study, the small sample size, and the female FFDT task (pinning).
The successful development of a culturally relevant bilateral FFDT and protocol in Bangladesh is an encouraging step toward the overall goal of establishing culturally relevant occupational assessments for this population.