FFFFFeature Films for Families
FFFFFighting Fat, Fighting Fit (British Broadcasting Corporation obesity awareness campaign)
FFFFFree Form Film Festival
FFFFFechter's Finger Flicking Frolic (magic convention)
FFFFFast Floating Fractal Fun
FFFFFlying Fickle Finger of Fate (Laugh-In TV series)
FFFFFriends for Fullerton's Future (Fullerton, CA)
FFFFFair, Fat, Female and Forty (typical candidate for diagnosis of hypothyroidism)
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FFFF was named after a Big Boys song--what was fun, fun, fun for the Big Boys?
The count value advances by "1" at the rising edge of every clock cycle thereafter until the terminal count is reached (rolling over to 0 after FFFF H).
When the count reaches zero, or rolls over to, say, FFFF, the WDT generates a non-maskable interrupt or a reset signal.
Those sucked under the spell of FFFF drool over the frocks, while every football fan thinks: "Beckham has had another trophyless season at Madrid, he's yet to win a carrot for his country, so instead of throwing a party why didn't he get the players round to his garden to practice penalties?
Para ello se utiliza la siguiente igualdad, M' = PS[paralelo]00[paralelo]M que es siempre posible sin ambiguedad dada la singular definicion de PS = FFFF .
2K HDILOAD Environment 28CC - 2D7A 18K HDILOAD TSR 2D7B - 9FFF 458K |Available~ FREE SPACE Conventional memory ends at 640K A000 - AFFF 64K VGA Graphics B000 - B7FF 32K Unused B800 - BFFF 32K VGA Text C000 - C7FF 32K Video ROM C800 - EFFF 160K Unused F000 - FFFF 64K System ROM
Using the facility code as a basis, we numbered our networks FFFFN, where FFFF is the four-digit facility code and N is the number of the network in the building, 0-9.