FFMIFédération Française du Matériel d'Incendie (French: French Federation of Fire Equipment)
FFMIFlash Flood Magnitude Index (measurement)
FFMIFamous Frames Mobile Interactive (animation)
FFMIFeri Fund Market Information (European fund research specialist)
FFMIFarmers Fresh Mushroom, Inc. (Canada)
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The result of the present study shows no correlation of static balance with each of height, weight, BMI, waist circumference, waist-hip ratio, waist-height ratio, trunk-cephalic height, conicity index, FMI, and FFMI.
However, among all the anthropometric measures assessed significant correlation was only found between FFMI and trunk extensor endurance.
Table 2 shows the Pearson's correlation coefficient (r) between BMI, FMI, and FFMI with PFT in male and female subjects.
In our study, a significant positive association was found between FFMI and FEV1 and FEV6' and PEFR.
However, we did not notice any significant correlation among these variables except for a significant negative correlation between obestatin, BCM, and FFMI in patients.
Data collection started with recording the participant's height, weight and skinfold and entering these data into the corresponding body fat and FFMI formulas.
In addition, a correlation analysis was carried out to investigate the relationship between the current FFMI variables, the scales composing the ESM and the CAF scales.
Although there was a general tendency for the BIA to underestimate FFMI compared to 0DEXA (dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry), 98% of the estimates were within plus or minus 2 kg/ m2.
While interesting, it does not relate well to the purpose of our study which was to investigate whether or not BIA offered a valid estimate of a DEXA derived FFMI [1].
Participants were instructed to answer the survey honestly and were instructed on how to list their subject ID number on their survey, in order to both maintain the confidentiality of their answers and to allow for matching of the survey and FFMI results.
The study was designed to investigate the validity of BIA on estimating FFMI when compared to the DEXA estimate.