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FFNFédération Française de Natation (French: French Swimming Federation)
FFNFanfiction.net (fan fiction archive)
FFNFetal Fibronectin
FFNFonds Forestier National (French: National Forest Fund)
FFNFédération Francaise de Naturisme
FFNFont Family Name (data structure)
FFNFriend for Now
FFNFédération Française de Neurologie (French: French Federation of Neurology)
FFNFull Frontal Nudity (movie reference)
FFNFinished for Now
FFNFondation Franco-Norvégienne (French: Franco-Norwegian Foundation)
FFNFamily, Friend, Neighbor (National Institute on Media and the Family; Minneapolis, MN)
FFNFriend Finder Network
FFNFleet Flash Net
FFNFilm Festival Network (cable TV)
FFNFamily Financial Network
FFNFibrofatty Nodule
FFNFuture Force Network
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Bliss Morris, founder and CEO of FFN, said, "Over the past two quarters, there has been a sharp increase in pricing across all asset classes coupled with a need for community banks to clean up their balance sheets.
Partnering with the local United Way, family-serving agencies, cultural and faith-based organizations and the business community to identify and reach FFN caregivers.
FFN and Glow have joined to create this list of six money tips all new graduates should know as they move into the next phase of their lives:
Duncan said FFN will announce a second portfolio of ANB loans sometime soon.
FFN provides loan valuation, compliance reviews and due diligence services to banks, agencies of the Federal government, major foreign banks and other lenders.
On March 26, 2015, FFN completed its initial public offering on the New York Stock Exchange selling 2.
FFN will market and manage all facets of the sale and will stratify the portfolio into pools based on collateral type, geographic location, performance and borrower relationships.
In the employee poll conducted by the publication, FFN ranks No.
Highlights of how cities benefited from this project include the development of comprehensive assessments of needs, opportunities and resources for FFN caregivers, as well as the creation and expansion of play and learn groups, which inform caregivers about educational models that help children learn through play.
It could be that once the silent infection has advanced to the point where the FFN is detectable in the cervix or vagina, it may be too late for a simple antibiotic intervention to be effective.
The move comes as FFN broadens its reach in response to both a customer base and services platform that has grown substantially during the financial crisis.