FFWCCFlorida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
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MDMR, ADCNR, and FFWCC have no formal shrimp FMP's, but they have shrimping rules and regulations.
5) Compartmentalization of shrimp fisheries management jurisdic tion2 among the GMFMC, TPWD, LDWF, MDMR, ADCNR, and FFWCC (Caillouet et al.
2007), and two reclaimed mine land nesting sites in Hardee County (Nancy Douglass, FFWCC unpubl, data), brought the annual statewide confirmed nest counts up to 18, 28, and 19 for the three years, respectively (see Table 1).
91-63-4), a chemical used to briefly anesthetize fish and facilitate their capture, may be used only if the individual has a special activity license issued by the FFWCC (Rule 62R-4.