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FFYFederal Fiscal Year
FFYFuneral for You (band)
FFYFoundation for Youth (Columbus, IN)
FFYFriends For Youth
FFYFédération Française de Yoga (French: French Yoga Federation)
FFYFend for Yourself
FFYFalling for You (band)
FFYFortunately for You
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The SFY, RFY, and FFY values of the Norduz sheep in this study were 60.
For example, Maryland reported that 64,236 children ages 10 to 14 who were enrolled for at least 90 continuous days received preventive dental services in FFY 2010.
Synar Regulation Implementation: Report to the Secretary on FFY 1998 Compliance.
This course joined the roster of several other required courses planned for the FFY program and has been taught each Fall for the last three years.
In FFY 1996, an average of 4,108 individuals were referred to VESID each month, a 34 percent increase in monthly referrals since FFY 1990.
6% of the total cases closed) with diabetes as the individual's primary disability during FFY 2011 and 3,836 females (44.
Since FFY 1999, states have been required to submit individual-level Medicaid enrollment and utilization information to CMS through the MSIS.
DCFS was recently awarded a record $7,459,128 in performance incentive funds by the federal Office of Child Support Enforcement as a result of the agency's performance in FFY 2009.
The number plate, FFY 1, was first issued on October 1, 1946, and was used by the old Southport Corporation on the early civic motor vehicles.
1) For FFY 2001, wait time data are available for November 2000 and January to September 2001 but are missing for October and December 2000.
5 billion in claims processing-based payments in FFY 2002 or 40.