FFZFree Fire Zone
FFZFar-Field Zone (antennas)
FFZFirst Fruits of Zion (Messianic Jewish ministry)
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FFZ offers an unmatched economy, including cheaper tariffs, and minimum start up time.
Languages with mayili are of the Kariera type, like Kariyarra, and have the typical Kariera equations like FF = MMB and MM = FFZ.
The diagnostic equations arrived at are FF = MMB and MM = FFZ, combined with the inequations FF [not equal to] MF and MM [not equal to] FM.
Before peel initiation, the material in LSZ and FFZ bore nearly no load.
DIC digital image correlation FFZ far field zone HSZ high strain zone LSZ low strain zone TPU thermoplastic polyurethane
According to one source, regulators may impose a price cap for unregulated capacity payments in Siberia FFZ, because it significantly exceeds the price cap (by 66%) for the second pricing zone of RUB120,000/MW.
According to Interfax, the regulator likely believes the unregulated capacity price in Siberia FFZ is too high and may introduce a price cap there, as well.
We note that according to the capacity market rules, that the FAS has determined there is inadequate competition means that capacity prices in the relevant FFZs will be capped at RUB112,500 per MW (in European Russia) and RUB120,350 per MW per month (in Siberia).
Although the new law exempts FFZs and their activities from UAE federal, civil, and commercial laws, FFZs and their operations are still subject to federal criminal laws including the Anti-Money Laundering Law (Law No.