FGF-2125I-fibroblast growth factor-2
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No corresponding change was detected for total VEGF and FGF-2 (Figures 1(b) and 1(c)).
In this study, time-course changes in HIF-1[alpha] and HGF, IGF-1, and FGF-2 mRNA expression were similar.
FGF-2 stimulates the proliferation of fibroblasts that give rise to the formation of granulation tissue and the angiogenic-related growth of blood vessels at the wound site; therefore, FGF-2 is very important in the wound-healing process [7-8,28-29].
La expresion de los genes para IGF-I, FGF-2 y varios de sus receptores era diferente en los casos de adelantamiento y retroceso mandibular (55).
FGF-2 activates a compound called Sox9 in the stem cell, which in turn switches on the production of two main components of cartilage, type 2 collagen and aggrecan, Li says.
Immunohistochemical evaluation showed expression of the FGF-2 in fibroblasts and macrophages in different grades and variables, according to the periods of the evaluation.
Growing evidence suggest that like IGF-I, FGF-2 plays an important role in exercise-induced muscle hypertrophy and angiogenesis.
FGF-2 protects small cell lung cancer cells from apoptosis through a complex involving PKC, B-Raf and S6K2.
In a study of 337 patients randomized to receive FGF-2 or placebo during cardiac catheterization, gene therapy produced clinical improvement in patients over age 63 but not in younger individuals.
From gene profiling to diagnostic markers: IL-18 and FGF-2 complement CA125 as serum-based markers in epithelial ovarian cancer.