FGFSFixed Gear Freestyle (bicycles)
FGFSFlight Gear Flight Simulator (software)
FGFSFamily Graduated Fees Scheme (Legal Services Commission; UK)
FGFSFirst Gulf Financial Services (United Arab Emirates)
FGFSFire Control to Guidance Frame Sync
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Jassim Alseddiqi, CEO of Abu Dhabi Financial Group, added: "The experienced financial team at FGFS is dedicated to providing loyal clients with the best possible service.
In the FGFS database, the seed's descriptors are linked to the taxonomic plant families, so the search returns a list of all the seeds in that plant family in the online database.
The FGFS has been created by photographing examples held by the U.
Founded in 2001, FGFS deals in local equities on the Abu Dhabi and Dubai stock markets.
The transaction will have no impact on FGFS customers who will continue to benefit from the same high-quality advice and depth of services provided by an unchanged team of brokers and dedicated financial services professionals.
Two of the three candidates, FGFS and FGF9, are functionally thought to be ancestral members of their respective subfamilies in the mouse system (Itoh and Ornitz, 2008).