FGPAFaculty Grade Point Average (Canada)
FGPAFisher Graduate Poker Association (est. 2006)
FGPAFresh Garlic Producers Association
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FGPA combines the flexibility of powerful hardware with programmable software.
Smith and Zagurski found a similar correlation between HSGPA and FGPA as well as between HSGPA and program retention.
As Kim and Kim argue, if the DOJ and American courts are willing to recognize the socially and legally recognized payments common in many Asian and other developing countries, then the FGPA is likely to be viewed as less intrusive on local affairs than would otherwise be the case.
For reasons similar to Kamen and Seligman's (1986) analysis, it was believed that since PNGPA predicts FGPA well for freshman but not as accurately for upperclassmen (JGPA), motivational variables such as explanatory style might be more potent influences on academic achievement.
However, they also discuss lower correlations of FGPA with SAT and HSR for students who score in the lower third on the SAT.
Using course grade as a criterion instead of FGPA reduced the decline in both SAT and high school GPA (HSGPA) validity for predicting course grades by 40 percent.
The DAC features a dual-port low-voltage differential signaling (LVDS) interface to support the high sample rate with existing FGPA and ASIC signal-processing technology.
Samplify's FGPA compression engine is 10x to 1000x faster than other microprocessor-based compression products.
This press release contains forward-looking statements including, but not limited to, statements regarding the results and achievements of the ARM Connected Community and Synplicity's FGPA software solutions used within the ARM Connected Community.
Having this firmware and software available to customers will free them from having to develop the VXS communications infrastructure and allow them to focus on developing their FGPA algorithms.
These FGPA algorithms are expected to allow our customers to exploit off-the-shelf front-end processing technology for projects that require complex, wide and narrowband channelization," said Mark Briggs, Vice President of Marketing, Spectrum Signal Processing Inc.
0 synthesis tool also features timing-driven synthesis support for Actel's new ProASIC3/E FPGAs, as well as Altera's new HardCopy II family of structured ASICs, both introduced today by the respective companies (See press releases announced today titled, "Synplicity Announces Support for Actel's Low-Cost ProASIC3 and ProASIC3E FPGAs" and "Synplicity's Market-Leading FGPA Synthesis Solutions Support Altera's HardCopy II Devices").