FGUFantasy Games Unlimited (RPG publisher)
FGUFrom the Ground Up (Upper Marlboro, MD)
FGUForeclosing Governmental Unit (Michigan)
FGUFrequency Generator Unit
FGUFunctional Group of Users
FGUFG Universe (Brooklyn, NY)
FGUFat Girls Unite
FGUFat Guys Unite
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The PCU and FGU diets had similar digestibilities of DM, OM, NDF and ADF, which were significantly (p<0.
The concentration of ammonia was highest for the FGU diet, followed by PCU and ISP diets.
Based on GPS location, the 280 x 165 x 95 mm FGU is activated by the operator immediately after the canopy has deployed, providing in-flight trajectory optimisation and manoeuvring, comparing planned with real conditions.
The FGU features a double rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery set; one battery is inserted in the FGU for about ten hours operation, while the second is inserted into the docking base linked to the harness and ensures the heating of the 155 x 95 mm LCD colour sun-readable screen during the high-altitude navigation phase.
The FGU was designed as an essential component of BAE Systems' anti-chemical warfare program.
To obtain additional information about the FGU, visit our web site at http://www.
Commencing on April 1, 1996, shareholders will then be able to redeem or exchange the shares of FGU received in the reorganization at net asset value, except that such shares that are redeemed or exchanged will be subject to a redemption fee of 1% for a period of six months after the reorganization.
It was noted in the same press release that following a downgrade event, FGU may require UBS to post collateral equal to 102% of the sum of bond related and swap related exposures.
Following a Downgrade Event, FGU may require UBS AG to post collateral equal to 102% of the sum of bond related and swap related exposure.
UBS AG has delivered the required volumes of natural gas to FGU, although there have been some minor movement of volumes from scheduled days as permitted by the gas purchase agreement;
The long-term rating reflects bondholder reliance on timely principal and interest payment from the commodity swap provider (Calyon) to FGU (which are supported by payments from UBS to Calyon paid on the same day), UBS' ability to meet its obligation to make a final termination payment in the event a termination of the project occurs for any reason, and reserve funds sufficient to pay bondholders between any potential timing delay between a termination of the Purchase Agreement and redemption of bondholders.
The proceeds from the transaction will be used to acquire a fixed quantity of natural gas to be delivered over a 20 year period by UBS AG (UBS) under a Prepaid Gas Purchase Agreement (Purchase Agreement) between UBS and FGU.